ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior


With nine categories, the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior present the entire world of interior design in a single forum.

> Furniture
i.e. Beds, Wardrobes, Closets and Storage, Seating Furniture, Special Furniture, Tables, Lifestyle Accessories

> Outdoor Products
i.e. Garden Furniture, Conservatory Furnishings, Garden Accessories

> Bathroom and Wellness
i.e. Bathroom Fittings, Bath Accessories, Bathroom Furniture, Sanitary Installations

> Office and Workplace
i.e. Office Accessories, Office Devices, Office Furniture, Writing Utensils, Filing Systems

> Building Fixtures

i.e. Building Automation, Post Boxes, Linings, Energy Technology, Windows and Doors, House and Door Signage, Switches and Control Elements

> Wall, Floor, Ceiling
i.e. Wallpaper, Tiles, Carpets, Floor Coverings, Wall Coverings

> Kitchen and Household
i.e. Kitchen Fittings, Cutlery and Accessories, Large Electrical Appliances, Small Electrical Appliances, Dishes and Accessories, Household Appliances, Kitchen Furniture, Kitchen Accessories

> Lighting
i.e. External Light Fixtures, Decorative Light Fixtures, Technical Light Fixtures, Work Light Fixtures

> Textiles
i.e. Decorative Fabrics, Upholstery Fabric, Upholstery Leather, Table and Kitchen Linen, Bath Linens, Bed linen

Jury session

14 November 2017

Award ceremony

14 January 2018

Exhibition of the winners
15 to 21 January 2018

Winner 2018

Here you will find the Best of Best 2018 and Winner 2018.


Botho Bär